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Visualizing Web Attacks over a 24-hour period for

This application allows you to view network attack data that was collected by Akamai's firewalls. It shows the number of attacks originating from each city, based upon the filters that have been applied. That data can be filtered by hour of the day, country, or network (ISP), using the controls at the bottom of the page. By default, all data is displayed.

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By hovering over an individual city you can see more granular data about the attacks detected. Clicking and dragging on the map causes the map to pan, and scrolling on the map changes the zoom level. Clicking the play/pause button in the lower left causes the data to animate, showing one hour of data at a time. You can also view data for a specific hour, or an hour range by dragging the left and right edges of the time range selector at the bottom of the page.

The data being presented is based upon a sample of data taken between the start time and the end time GMT.
To keep the dataset small, we have filtered cities out who have less than 300 attacks for a given hour.

View data for 2013 Black Friday | 2013 Cyber Monday | 2014 Tax Day

Authored By: Shreyas Dube | Christopher Gerber
Data: Jon Thompson, Akamai Technologies Inc | View Dataset
Process Book: Click here

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